Arkansas Child Find Awareness Campaign Evaluation
School District, Service Coordinator and
Educational Cooperative Survey
Tell us about the referrals you receive.
Referral Source: Community Agencies
Referral Source: Schools within your district
Referral Source: Parents
Referral Source: Physicians
Referral Source: Department of Human Services
Referral Source: School Based Parent Centers  
Referral Source: Parent Training and Info. Centers
Referral Source: DDS Center
Referral Source: CHMS Center  
Referral Source: Therapist
Referral Source: Individual in the Community
Tell us about the Children you worked with.
Number of Children Screened
Number of Children Referred
Number of Children Evaluated
Tell us about the Arkansas Child Find Procedural Guide.
Do You have an Arkansas Child Find Procedural Guide?
Have you used the Arkansas Child Find Procedural Guide?
Did you find the Child Find Procedural Guide helpful in developing and implementing your Child Find Awareness Campaign?